The archways at UWA, the university I attended way back when.

Some arches at UWA, the university I attended way back when.

Oh hi, 2015!  Where did you come from?  Once again, the new year is rolling in with quiet stealth.  It feels like I’ve just blinked and January is a fifth over already.

Last year’s resolutions were only partially successful, so this year, my resolution is to build on those successes, in addition to a general “live in the moment”-ness.

So, my resolutions have shaped up to be:

1.  Blog more regularly

I was doing so well for a short time … and then, life took over.  This year, I aim to make a rough editorial schedule and stick to it.  Hopefully.  Watch this space.

2.  Step up strength and flexibility

2014 was the year I started ballet again.  Oh, 17-year-old self, you did not know how good you had it, with limbs which flew every which way you wanted them to without complaint. (Legs: meet ears.  Please and thank you.)  Now, it is more of a case of my finger tips taking a trip to meet my toes and deciding to take an unplanned and unlimited stop at my shins.  While the weekly classes have left me feeling healthier and I love moving with the music again, this year I need to start pushing myself to improve.

3.  Learn (more of) a language

Last year, I completed Level 1 and Level 2 Spanish with a local language school, which is great, until I realise that basically, I can only speak in the present tense with an incredibly limited vocabulary (read: virtually non-existent).  Levels 3 and 4, here I come.

4.  Domestic goddess it up

I actually didn’t too badly with the keeping a tidy house in 2014, although there is definitely room for improvement.

5.  More time with Boy Robin

Or, more specifically, less nights on the couch in front of the tv, while simultaneously reading / playing games on our respective devices.  In 2014, I really improved my communication skills with Boy Robin, to the point where I hardly ever expect him to read my mind.  However, I’ve noticed that we’ve slipped into a really lazy pattern of couch potato evenings.  While down time totally has its place, there are probably definitely some better ways to relax together (rather than next to each other).  Now to convince Boy Robin that playing Just Dance 2015 (one of my favourite Christmas gifts) is a good way to relax together.

6.  Live in the moment

That is, a mish-mash of less procrastinating and more seizing opportunities as they arise, with some spontaneity thrown in for good measure.  I was made redundant at the end of last year and while I’m between jobs, I’m doing some consulting work.  It has the potential to be very successful, if only I could build up some will power to stick to self-imposed deadlines and be confident enough in my skills to take on bigger projects.  Working from home is hard and its so easy to talk yourself down (especially when you have no-one else to talk to).  But, living in the moment applies to life in general – not letting procrastination and self doubt be barriers to achieving goals, not least of all these resolutions.