Resolution Round-up: 9 February 2015.

150209 pointe shoes

This week’s resolution-related internet wanderings.


I found these guides from Bloch and Pointe Til You Drop really helpful when sewing on my pointe shoe ribbons.  I highly recommend Pointe Til You Drop’s tip of running a flame over the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying before sewing on the ribbons.  There is nothing quite like the irrational feeling that your entire pointe shoe is going to go up in flames before you even get to wear them.  If you are a scaredy-cat like me, painting the ends with clear nail polish is a less stressful alternative.


It’s ok to hate your husband sometimes.


I’m thinking of signing up to Apartment Therapy’s year of bite-sized, weekend projects, aimed at helping you maintain all that motivation from your resolution to make your home a better, cleaner, more beautiful place.  The first project is to plan out your home maintenance for the year.


The best languages to speak to influence the world.  Spanish FTW.


RIP Carl Djerassi, the father of the birth control pill.


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