Resolution Round-up: 1 February 2015

150201 Beach

This week’s resolution-related internet wanderings.


I love how this dance crew have channelled their passion for dance to highlight a worthy cause.  Cookies, a 32-member dance crew from San Diego won this year’s VIBE Dance Competition with their heart-stopping performance with the theme of orphans.  They have donated their winnings to World Vision, which, among other things, raises funds to help children in crisis.


14 February is looming.  I don’t really buy into the commercialisation, but I still like to do something to mark the day, whether it be make a card, or have a quiet dinner in.  This year, I think Boy Robin and I will celebrate by asking each other 36 questions.


After a bit of a housework blitz last weekend, I’m in a bit of a home improvement mood.  I wouldn’t mind trying these arched bookcases, although I have a feeling it will just be another notch on my never-ending to do list …


The Great Language Game: how many languages can you distinguish?


This did the rounds about 6 months ago.  However, I find myself repeatedly coming back to it and marvelling at how diverse the concept of beauty is around the world.  Or maybe it just shows how diverse people’s photoshop skills are?


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