Resolution round-up: 11 January 2015.

It's farm o'clock

This week’s resolution-related internet wanderings.


This week, my sister and I started our stretching regime to complement our ballet classes.  While the overall aim is to reach the strength and flexibility of our 17 year old past selves, we’ve also set the (somewhat?) more attainable and concrete goal of doing the splits.  So far, we’ve been following this video.  However, we also came across this.  I now dream about the beauty that is Lisa Maree’s feet.


Do you know what your love language is?  Apparently, mine is receiving (and giving) gifts.


These homemade solutions reminded me to reach for the bicarb soda and vinegar rather than the industrial strength draino.


I’m yet to book my classes (I know this does not quite gel with my “no more procrastination” goal).  However, I have been using Duolingo to reboot my Spanish memory muscles.  The gamification of the lessons makes is quite addictive.


I love Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life Lessons, in which Justice Ginsburg talks to Ryan Park about her groundbreaking gender-equality cases, as well as what she has learned about marriage, family, and work-life balance.  Its companion piece, What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Me About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad (also by Ryan Park), is a brilliant look at the challenges parents face when trying to achieve a work-life balance.


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