Sexy naked women.

A "naked" tree.  The image I found amongst my collection which kind of tied into the title, which also happened it was G-rated.

A “naked” tree.  It was the first image I found amongst my collection which kind of tied into the title, which luckily also happened to be G-rated.*

Oh my goodness – this.

Kate  of eat the damn cake posted sexy naked women absolutely everywhere last month, but I came across it today on the “Daily Life” section of a news site, which pulls some of its content from the Sydney Morning Herald, for which Kate is a regular contributor. (I was browsing the news for work.  I promise.)

It takes a look at how images of “sexy naked women” seems to have permeated advertising, so that we are surrounded by them as we go about our day to day.

On seeing a particular advertisement featuring a sexy, naked woman, Kate’s first reaction is one of discomfort.  Her second reaction is critical of her first.  She doesn’t want to be prudish or offended.  Her reaction is “uncool. […]  [A] rant.  No one cares.”  Her third reaction is that something must be off with her if she’s put-off by the images.  She concludes that she is supposed to ignore the fact that the same kinds of bodies are used almost all the time, sexualising young women.   She wonders about her baby daughter and what she’ll think when she grows up.

Finally, she imagines a scenario of trying to explain it to her daughter when her daughter is confronted with such an image and is old enough to be aware of it:

I see that she’s looking at the huge naked butt.

“Isn’t that ridiculous?” I say. “What a stupid ad, right?”

We laugh a little. We agree. It’s very, very stupid. We go on with our day. At least she knows: this isn’t just normal. It’s not creatively liberated, either. It’s listing towards insanity. It’s laughably, seriously absurd. It may be right in front of us but we know there’s something wrong.


Bravo, Kate.

Do you see sexy naked women absolutely everywhere?

* Hmmm … not that I have non-G-rated images in my collection that tie into the title.  I think I’ll just stop digging this hole.

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