Rita Hayworth jumps in the line.

A new element.

Sooo … I’m a little behind on the WordPress Zero to Hero project.  Somehow, we are already up to Day 7 and I’m still trying to catch up on Days 3, 4, 5 and 6.  (I added my “About” widget just to the right there as part of Day 2).   

I tried to start Day 3’s task (that is, writing a post that had been on my mind when I decided to start my blog) only to be sidelined by Paint.NET (and my lack of skill in using the same, which is probably why the idea had not materialised into a blog post before now).  Day 4’s task was to expand my blog reading list and Day 5’s task was to try out some new themes (both of which I might try in a tick).  Day 7 is to personalise my blog layout further, which I’ll try while trying out some new themes.  No promises of changes though – it took me long enough to settle on what it is now.

Day 6’s challenge was to publish a post that contains a new element, which in my case, is embedding a Youtube clip.  The title is quite apt, given I am completing these tasks out of order.

I love the vitality and pure joy in Rita Hayworth’s dancing.  It embodies how I feel when I dance (although I doubt I look as polished as Ms Hayworth).  Now to book those dance classes

WordPress has set a Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge, giving bloggers daily tasks – sometimes writing, sometimes reading, sometimes tinkering with WordPress.com – to take bloggers from “What’s this blog thing?” to a blog they are excited and proud to publish.  Find out more here.


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