Driving home.


It was a whirlwind of a fortnight.  A turbulent tempest of final wedding preparation, fleeting catchups with out-of-town visitors, a wedding extravaganza and then a brief, wine-soaked sojourn douth (otherwise known as down south).

But even only a few days into that honeymooned bliss, a tentative “I can’t wait to … when we get home” started to creep in.  Timid contemplations and plans about feathering our nest together.

Of course, they’ve always been there, those dream-filled “I can’t wait to …” and “when we’re married …” fancies of our future.

“I can’t wait to curl up with you every night.”  (True.)

“When we’re married and live together, everything will be so much easier.”  (Slight generalisation, but still true on many practical levels.)

“I can’t wait to make our home together.  It’s going to be so much fun.”  (Also true, if we ignore for the moment the very real possibility that we each have hazy, undefined, but still very strong, ideas of what “home” is and while those ideas overlap, there will most likely be some vehement disagreement, which may or may not involve the colour pink.)

“When we’re married and live together, you can make me cups of tea all the time and I can bake every weekend.”  (I think that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but, Boy Robin, take note about those cups of tea.)

We know each other (and ourselves) well enough to know that life is not going to be all sunshine and lollipops (although, hopefully there will be lots of rainbows).  But building our little nest together is such an exciting marker for the beginning of our new life.

Those carefully clandestine contemplations of “I can’t wait” and “when we’re married” became that little bit more solid and “tingle-filled” as the time draws closer.  A bit less “I’ll be able to work from our house rather than go back and forth between your house and my house” and a bit more “we can set up the office this way and I can work there and then when you get home we can cook dinner together over a glass of that beautiful wine which we just bought on our honeymoon.  Can you believe we’re on our honeymoon?  And we’re married?”

And so, as we drive back to our house, we map how the objects of our lives will fit around each other (we are having that buffet, dammit, and you will like it).  Hopes and dreams for the future are obliquely expressed and our little nest is slowly built.


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